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Welcome to our Farm of Charm & Bliss! GRAND OPENING SPECIAL: $50 donation / for TANTRIC CHAIR QUICK FIX In call 30 mins: $50+ donation In call 60mins: $120-$180 donation In call 90mins: $240 donation Introducing Dixon, Marla, & Tyler your Tantra Goddesses, Erotic muses and Compassionate Communication Companions here to assist you on your journey of erotic self discovery and Enlightenment. Our desire is to bring harmony to your physical and spiritual being. Our Tantric Bodywork weaves senual touch, music. breath awareness and erotic dance & movement to bring you to the heights of full body bliss. We create a space for you to relax, lay down your titles and be yourself. We will show you that awareness and conscious intent can create genuine connections in all aspects of your life.You will be nutured and deeply cared in the arms of your goddess. As a Certified Tantra Therapists, it is our honor to show you and provide for you affordable quick pain relief and/or uniquely designed on the go release & relaxation tantric chair protocols with feminine companionship and openness that's hard to find in today's common male & female relationships . For extended table sessions we can help you achieve Ejaculatory Mastery, increase your sexual intimacy, heal all types of abuse( emotional, sexual and physical) or just how to open yourself to the joy of your sexual and spiritual self. These are offered in the extended full experience For my advanced seekers, I can show you how to worship any woman like a Goddess and tips for bringing forth amrita(nectar of the Goddess). Our enlightening sessions will leave you with a sense of joyful abandon, feeling truly alive. Our sessions are for those who seek a luxurious healing and enlightening session, that relieves stress and leaves you energized, revitalized and at peace. We offer experiential sessions for sincere men, women and couples. We offer same day sessions. Please schedule at least 1 hour in advance.
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